Gregorio Rodriguez d’Acri Senior Innovation Scout

Gregorio is a multi-disciplinary engineer working as the Lead Sourcing Specialist at Alien Tech Transfer. His evolving thirst for new knowledge has led him from classics high school studies in Italy to a Mechanical Engineering degree, followed by a Masters in Power Systems Engineering and culminating in an industrial PhD in Biochemical Engineering, all achieved in top UK universities. His personal experience with Horizon2020 includes winning his own grant for a post-doc at University College London for the study of the scale-up of stem cell therapies through applied fluid dynamics, performing his own research and disseminating findings whilst training the PhD candidates in advanced experimental methods and initiating research collaboration with industrial parties. Today he helps Alien Tech transfer in searching for the exciting new technology that will shape our future, providing support in transforming great ideas into innovative reality. His curiosity and ingenuity help him dig deep to filter out the hype from the plethora of today’s innovations and uncover the ideas that will make the successful enterprises of tomorrow. His passion for innovation is somewhat in contrast with his fondness for old motors, in particular his vintage motorcycle for which, albeit his best efforts, can’t find the source of