Alexandra Knopova Chief Legal Officer

Born and raised in Slovakia, Alexandra studied and worked in three European countries before settling in Italy. Alexandra’s professional life started while finishing her first Law degree in Bratislava where she interned in various local and international law firms. After obtaining her degree she started to work for the Bank Ombudsman of Slovak Republic and in the free time, she taught business and legal English to the companies in Bratislava. Following this experience, she relocated to Italy, where she started to work for an international consulting company with branches all over Europe.  To further her education, Alexandra took the decision to continue to study Law in Italy, thus completing her second Law degree. The international experience helped Alexandra to become more open-minded and to obtain a creative approach for the resolution of the problems. Alexandra speaks 4 languages fluently – Slovak, Czech, Italian and English – and is always happy to learn a new one. In her free time, she enjoys writing, travelling, tennis, and boxing.