What is PATwiser

Patents are crucial to foster and exploit the disruptive innovations of tomorrow. Patwiser is a revolutionary patent-drafting tool, which enables the user to generate a full patent document without any prior knowledge of the patent system. Our unique platform is based on the latest AI and big data analytics technology, to automatically convert your input into an exceptional standard patent document.

Why choose PATwiser

Patwiser reduces both the time and cost associated with protecting your innovations. The platform provides an end-to-end drafting experience, producing a full legal document from the input technical information. Patwiser’s data analytics perform an exhaustive search of the prior art to ensure that your claims have the best possible chance of being granted. Our AI engine ensures that your claims are fully supported in the text, and that all text is compatible with patent conventions across the EU.

Who should use PATwiser

Patwiser will benefit a range of stakeholders in the European Innovation ecosystem including:

  • Entrepreneurs/SMEs – grow your patent portfolio to secure investment and fuel growth
  • Patent attorneys – reduce drafting overheads by using Patwiser to produce first draft documents
  • Law firms – expand your services into the world of IP
  • University Technology Transfer Offices – reduce the costs of filing and maintaining large and diverse patent portfolios
  • Corporate IP Divisions – reduce the costs and time required to file and manage large industrial portfolios