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Surgical adhesions are a consequence of abdominal trauma during surgery. Currently available solutions can lead to adverse side effects. If untreated, these surgical adhesions can solidify and grow, potentially leading to infertility, chronic pain, and difficulties in repeated surgeries. While addressing adhesions, patients must undergo additional abdominal surgery, putting unnecessary stress on existing healthcare systems. On average, 35% of patients who undergo open abdominal or pelvic surgery are readmitted twice in the following 10 years due to complications.

The FuseX system is a revolutionary anti-adhesion system which eliminates the initial formation of surgical adhesions. It delivers a mixture of donor blood plasma with a concentrated mix of natural coagulation factors found in the blood. Up to 90% reduction of adhesions is possible, depending on the severity, whilst the non-invasive laparoscopic application also reduces open wound size and extent of trauma. This translates to an estimated 6-12 B€ in savings per year.