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As a result of digitalisation, organisations of any size create exponentially more new data year on year. While new regulations like GDPR demand organisations to know what data they have and to document how they are managed to prove compliance. Electronic discovery (known as e-discovery) is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information in response to a request in a lawsuit or investigation. Electronic data discovery is today technically driven however lawyers are not. They have to make informed and faster decisions to reduce spend and increase regulatory compliance. In many cases, they simply collect more data than actually needed, not only making the case astronomically more expensive but also increasing the risk of non-compliance.

eDCaseMAN is the tool to fill this gap, capturing all relevant legal case information and status for all performed eDiscovery tasks from all other used tech tools into one live dashboard being the “home” for every lawyer.

eDCaseMAN’s core strength is its ability to provide the lawyer with average cost and time estimations based on the data asked for, prior to doing the actual collection. It (pre)reviews the data to determine whether it contains potential evidence or not. This way the legal spend will significantly decrease and lawyers will get much faster feedback from processing and review less but more meaningful data.