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Having many different stakeholders involved large construction projects are difficult to manage. Construction managers are unable to accurately keep track of the progress of each section and the budget and time can often significantly increase. Many projects have strict deadlines and delays can result in hefty fines and incompletion. Budgets can run out and cause suppliers to withhold materials or services until being paid, extenuating the problems experienced with the overly complex supply chains. This has caused many infrastructure projects to be heavily delayed before construction is completed, leaving wasted business opportunities. To prevent this fundamental problem, better management through improved data analytics for construction companies is required.

DatuBIM is an SaaS (software-as-a-service) field data analytics cloud platform for infrastructure projects, which makes use of a drone equipped with proprietary imaging and photogrammetry software and utilises computer vision algorithms. The solution expands on the company’s existing drone-photogrammetry solution already developed for construction site surveying and inspections.